Jobs Board

Chef Ron often hears from chefs and others who are hiring trained culinarians for jobs in the Charlotte region. One of those jobs may have your name on it.

Chef Ron keeps a list of alumni who are looking for work. When one of those calls about a job opening comes in, Chef Ron will call alums on the list to get an update on their situation, including their work history and their readiness to work. If Chef Ron thinks there might be good fit, he will send someone off to talk to a prospective employer. Closing the deal? It’s up to the job applicant.

If you’re ready for a new gig, call Chef Ron at 704-375-4500 about your interest in any of the leads below.

Recent postings

Uptown Charlotte deli: Counter work. 1-8-15



This page was initiated on Sept. 7, 2010 as a service to
alumni of the Community Culinary School of Charlotte.