If you are interested in learning the culinary arts, we’d like for you to apply for a place in an upcoming class at the Community Culinary School of Charlotte.

Gaining a place in the class takes four steps.

1. Submit an application

AppPixSubmit an application for enrollment. The application is two pages. Click on the picture at right to download the PDF file. You can print out the PDF file, then fill in your information with a pen or pencil. Then either mail the application, or bring it by our office. The address is:

Community Culinary School of Charlotte
9315-D Monroe Rd. Charlotte, NC 28270-1427

We are not providing here a version of the application that may be filed directly on a computer. Here’s why:

The application asks for sensitive information. All information is held in the strictest confidence by the School. But some of our prospective students use computers in public places. We do not want to put anyone in a position where their private information might be seen by others.

2. Schedule an interview

All prospective students must be interviewed by a School official before they become a part of the next class. Call 704-375-4500 to schedule this interview.

3. Schedule an evaluation

During the evaluation, you will be in the Culinary School building for several hours, and will be asked to participate in the tasks going on at that time in the building. This is an evaluation of your skills and your attitude, and is part of the application process. You will not be paid.

4. Drug screen

After completing the evaluation, you will be asked to take an on-site drug screen. There is no charge to the student at any time.

You must complete a drug screen to begin the program. During the program, students may be asked to complete a drug screen.  If at any time a positive drug screen is returned, the student will be dismissed from the program until treatment has been sought.

Next step: Send us an e-mail

Even if you are not ready to start on the enrollment process using the three steps above, we’d be glad to hear of your interest in the Culinary School program. Tell us of your interest by e-mail. Let us know something about yourself, and how to reach you. And let us know what questions you have. We’ll be back to you as soon as we can. E-mail us now.

Or next step: Give us a call

Let us hear from you. Call 704-375-4500 during morning weekday business hours.

Or next step: Stop by

We’d be glad for you to come by the Community Culinary School of Charlotte. People are in the building most weekdays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The address is on the map below.