Creamy Clam & Tomato Chowder

Creamy Clam & Tomato Chowder


1 cup diced celery

1 cup diced onions

1 cut diced carrots

4 cups minced clams with juice

2 cups diced whole canned tomatoes with juice

4 diced potatoes, medium size

1 1/2 cups tomato sauce

1 quart heavy cream

1/2 cup clam base

1 quart water

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Slurry (corn starch & water)

Salt & pepper


Sautee celery, onions, carrots in vegetable oil until tender.

Add water and clam base to vegetables, bring to a boil.

Add potatoes, tomatoes, tomato sauce and clams.

Slowly add heavy cream while constantly stirring at a low heat.

Add slurry to preferred thickness.

Season with salt and pepper.

– Created by CCSC student  Reggie Foster and prepared for Charlotte Taste of the Nation planning committee meeting on April 4, 2008

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